The PMB is continuously improving. Stable versions of the PMB are provided in the releases below. We provide three different types of annotated data: Discourse Representation Structures, Semantic Tags, and Semantic Derivations (coming soon!).

Discourse Representation Structures

version # en # de # it # nl silver bronze release date full sample
3.0.0 8,403 1,979 1,062 1,012 yes yes 12-02-2020 1.9 GB 1 MB
2.2.0 5,929 1,419 724 633 yes yes 20-12-2018 1.4 GB NA
2.1.0 4,555 1,175 635 586 yes no 07-06-2018 314 MB NA
2.0.0 3,925 1,048 568 527 yes no 25-04-2018 282 MB NA
1.0.0 2,049 641 387 394 no no 22-12-2017 11 MB NA

Note: if you are only interested in the input (raw) and output (clf) files for DRS parsing, you do not need to download the full release. Please go to our Neural_DRS Github repo and follow the steps in the README. This will download English, German, Italian and Dutch DRS parsing files for releases 2.2.0 and 3.0.0.

If you have used the DRS data, please cite the following paper:

Lasha Abzianidze, Johannes Bjerva, Kilian Evang, Hessel Haagsma, Rik van Noord, Pierre Ludmann, Duc-Duy Nguyen, Johan Bos (2017): The Parallel Meaning Bank: Towards a Multilingual Corpus of Translations Annotated with Compositional Meaning Representations. Proceedings of the 15th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL), pp 242–247, Valencia, Spain. [PDF] [BibTeX]

Universal Semantic Tags

version # en # de # it # nl silver inc. release date download
0.1.0 5438 0 0 0 yes 01-05-2018 19 MB ZIP file
If you have used the data labelled with the semantic tags, please cite the following paper:

Lasha Abzianidze, Johan Bos (2017): Towards Universal Semantic Tagging. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2017) -- Short Papers, pp 1–6, Montpellier, France. [PDF] [BibTeX]